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WorldPride and EuroGames in Copenhagen and Malmö, 12–22 August 2021

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Small Sided Tournament Rules

Starting Times

  • All matches must begin at their scheduled starting time. All teams must check-in at the tournament headquarters a minimum thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled starting time of their match. Check in consists of a Teamsheet/Roster in English which is ligable to read, including identifications of everyone listed on the match report (this includes coaching, management and training staff)
  • Team player shortage shall automatically result in team ineligibility and shall not be accepted as a reason for the delay of start times.

Number of Matches

  • All teams must be guaranteed at least a minimum of 200 minutes of playing time, during the initial qualifying rounds.
  • In the case of extreme circumstances which are out of the control of the host committee or IGLFA, the tournament hosts or IGLFA reserves the right to adjust this accordingly.
  • Each team shall play the same number of qualifying matches.
  • Qualifying matches shall be "round-robin" format, where each team shall play each of the other teams in its preliminary group an equal number of times. Qualifying round matches shall be permitted with teams "outside" a Qualifying group only under unusual circumstances.

Team Placement and Seeding

  • Teams registering for Eurogames Copenhagen Eurogames 2021 must indicate the division they wish to play in.
  • After registration closes, teams will not be able to change divisions unless any of the following apply. Where there is an uneven number in the divisions the following process will be followed:-
    • 1. Request for a volunteer club to move to a different divison
    • 2. Past Finalist of an IGLFA tournament within two years.
    • 3. Random Draw of the remaining clubs - The Draw to assign teams shall be blind, and shall be made in public by a person, or people, neutral to the tournament.
  • Intra-Club Assignments - Teams originating from the same Club shall not be assigned to the same qualifying group, whenever possible.
  • Intra-Region Assignments - Teams originating from the same geographic region, who frequently play as competitors in regional tournaments, shall not be assigned to the same qualifying group, whenever practical
  • Draw Pools Determinations regarding the designations of teams by as Intra-Club and Intra-Region shall be made by the Committee and announced in advance of the Draw.

Determination of Standings

  • Point System - In round-robin matches, points will awarded for the purpose of determining the standings based on the following scale: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 point for a loss
  • Forfeited Match Points - When a team forfeits a match, it shall be recorded as a loss. When both teams forfeit a match both teams shall receive zero (0) points.
  • Forfeited Match Score - The score of a forfeited match shall be recorded as 3-0 for the winner.
  • Tie Breakers - At the end of round-robin matches, if there is a tie in total points, the winners will be determined as per the following order: 1. Result of head-to-head competition, 2. Goal difference. 3. Ratio of goals scored divided by goals conceded. (Commentary on Tie-Breakers - It is the intent of the Tie-Breaker Rule to provide a system of tie-breakers that decides final qualifying - round standings that is broadly based on FIFA standards, but is modified so as not to encourage "running up" a score against a weaker opponent. Therefore, the first tier tie-breaker is based solely on victory, regardless of score, and the second and third tier tie-breakers are based on the goals scored and conceded).
  • Forfeits - If a team forfeits a match, thus denying another team an opportunity to play, and is deemed by the Committee to have gained an unsporting tactical advantage by not playing, then the forfeiting team shall be disqualified from the tournament and shall not be allowed to advance to the next round of play.
  • Match Fixing – If a team displays deliberate tactics to “purposely throw a match” in order to benefit themselves by way of a better position in standings, seeding, division or otherwise, or to cause their opponent to be positioned where it would be a benefit for the team throwing the match or causing purposeful harm to the team, the disciplinary committee will disqualify the offending team from further participation in the tournament. The result of the match will also be reviewed in the “spirit of the game” so as not to penalize the opponent. The IGLFA Disciplinary Board may also place further suspensions towards future participation in any sanctioned IGLFA tournaments against the offending team, club and or specific person (s) once a full investigation has been completed. Results of sanctions will be shared with the IGLFA Membership in order for them to be able to determine ineligibility from any localized tournaments.


Results Reporting

  • Match Reports – Each team will provide a completed match report to the Referee prior to each match. This match report will include: Date, Kickoff Time, Division, Field #, Home and Away Team Names, Coaches Name and Signature, Players Full Names and assigned number (The Number must match the shirt and roster) Goal Scorers, Disciplinary (Yellow and Red Cards) and Referees Names and Signatures.
  • Standings - Results of team standings are to be posted via various methods for player review within one (1) hour of the conclusion of a match.

Team Rosters

  • A team roster shall consist of a maximum of fourteen (14) players and a minimum of seven (7) players.
  • A Final Roster shall be submitted to the Committee or designee at the conclusion of the pre-tournament Coaches Meeting.
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