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WorldPride and EuroGames in Copenhagen and Malmö, 12–22 August 2021

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WorldPride Parades


WorldPride parade, Copenhagen:

From Axel Møllers Have, Frederiksberg to Copenhagen Rådhus - approx. 4 kilometres

Opening Parade, Malmö, Sweden

Date of program

Saturday 14 August - Opening Parade, Malmö Sweden

Saturday 21 August 2021 starting at 1200 - Worldpride parade

Public transport

Bus, metro and train


The 15. November 1965 Axel Møllers Have named after a former mayor at Frederiksberg, Axel Møller after the name has been Godthåbs have since 1943.

Axel Møllers Have is a part of the new metro “Copenhagen City Circle line”. The new metro station ‘Axel Møllers Have metro station’ opened in 2019.

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